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Greenbriar Publishing was created to provide an alternative for authors who prefer to maintain more control over their works than is possible with the larger publishing houses. All too often in today’s publishing world the author becomes an afterthought, just another factor in the drive for commercial success. While Greenbriar Publishing strives to make its authors successful, we recognize the intangibles that publishing a work provides the author.

A book is much more than a business proposition. Ultimately it is a very personal expression of its author. At Greenbriar Publishing we recognize the total value of an author’s work, and our goal is to help that author realize that value professionally and financially. Greenbriar Publishing’s mission is to provide the optimum publishing environment for its authors. We offer a voice to our authors through all the steps of book publishing and sales including editing, design, printing, distribution and marketing. Our authors are welcome to participate as much or as little as they desire throughout the process of bringing their work to market.

If you are an author of a creative work, fiction or non-fiction, and maintaining ownership of your creation throughout the process of publication is important to you, please contact us. Together we can realize your vision.

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