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Since I have spent the previous twenty-five years of my life in the full-time practice of medicine, I have often been asked why I turned to writing. Truth is, I never made a conscious decision to do so. On a fairly regular basis, I would jot down notes. Some were simple observations, others more complex thoughts. Many had evolved from conversations I had with patients. And there had been plenty of patients, somewhere in the range of 100,000.

Physicians tend to be a bit obsessive; it’s a job requirement. And so I actually numbered those observations and thoughts. After years of doing so, I noticed that I had accumulated well over one hundred of these mini theses. I decided to spend some time re-reading them to see what I had. I shuffled them around, separated them into piles of like items, and out came
What Do I Do Now? A Handbook for Life.

Once I had enjoyed the satisfaction of completing a creative literary journey, it was only a matter of time before I jumped in for book two. Again I collected notes and observations, this time from extensive reading and innumerable episodes of what Albert Einstein termed “thought experiments.” And what I discovered knocked me off my chair, sent chills down my spine, and brought tears to my eyes. Really.
I share it all in
The Currency of Life: Uncovering the Clues to Why We’re Here.

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